Well Green Quest was a failure. But that won't get me down, I'm jumping right back on the horse. I've decided to dedicate some of my summer time to create a new game. The Legend of Zelda: Link will save you, aka, Lozlwsy.

It'll be a platform game dedicated to The Legend of Zelda series. If you're interested of checking out the progress please do visit my site, not anything special but I'll put some time into the site later.

Love & Peace


The Legend of Zelda: Link will save you


2008-10-12 15:48:32 by wardh

Well, I've bought "www.wardh.se" now and if you ever feel the urge to check out my different creations you are welcome there.

Also I've started a Zelda-inspired game project that has an own directory on the site. Though it may take some time to complete the game you can check out the progress! http://www.wardh.se/greenquest/index.h tml.

See you around! Kärlek & Respekt!